Terms of Service

Personal information protection policy

MegaChips Corporation (“the Company”) hereby declares that it will effectively and properly handle personal information acquired from its shareholders, customers and other stakeholders (“the Customer”).

We have established the personal information protection policy as set out below and will thoroughly implement it in handling Customers’ personal information.

Definition of personal information

The term, “personal information,” employed in this policy, refers to personally identifiable information that is specific to an individual, including the Customer’s name, date of birth, telephone number, address, email address and other relevant data.

Collection and use of personal information

The Company will specify the purpose of collecting a Customer’s personal information when it wishes to do so. Personal information entrusted to us will only be used for the purpose specified. Should any other use beyond that purpose become necessary, we will contact the Customer in advance for consent. Unless consent is obtained, we will not use personal information for any other purpose than the specified one.

The decision to provide us with personal information is made only and absolutely by the Customer. There may be some cases when we cannot extend our services unless the Customer provides personal information.

Disclosure to third parties

Personal information will not be disclosed or provided to third parties, except in the following cases.

  • When consent of the Customer is obtained in advance.
  • When required by law or orders to cooperate with judicial and governmental organizations and their equivalents.
  • When the Company’s business activities are transferred to other entities and continued, followed by a merger, split-off, or other such business transactions.
  • When deemed necessary to have our affiliates or agents respond to inquiries from the Customer.
  • In cases when our suppliers and affiliates are entrusted with the business in question that directly relates to the specified purpose. (We will take strict measures to have these companies manage personal information appropriately and prohibit any other use and disclosure.)
  • When processing administrative and distribution work (including events such as prize-winning and promotional campaigns and sending out prizes, correspondence, etc.) is outsourced to a company that has concluded a confidentiality agreement with the Company.
  • When required by financial institutions to process customer credit card transactions in the payment of a product or service provided to the Customer.
  • Under other legitimate circumstances.

Management of personal information

The Company appoints information security managers to appropriately and responsibly handle personal information and sets forth their main responsibilities as follows:

  • Managers are to take measures to prevent any unauthorized access to personal information, and to prevent loss, destruction, alteration or leak of such information, as well as make appropriate contingency plans.
  • Managers are responsible for educating and training our employees on properly handling personal information.

Reference and alterations to personal information

A Customer, who wishes to reference or alter his/her personal information, may contact the Company by
E-mail info@megachips.wpengine.com
Once the identification of the Customer is confirmed, we shall provide the information or make changes accordingly.

Application of this privacy policy

This private policy does not apply to other third-party websites that are linked to the one of the Company, and we are not responsible for protecting personal information given and registered to these websites.


The Company complies with Japanese laws on private information protection. We shall review this policy and our management system from time to time to further enhance the protection of private information.