Security access control is central to building management. More than ever, the rising demand for IP-based intercom systems is pushing building owners to upgrade legacy camera surveillance and broaden their security operations. 

But retrofitting multi-dwelling buildings with IP-based video intercoms can be costly and time-consuming. System integrators need a communications technology that not only meets retrofit application requirements, but also addresses the feasibility and cost of deployment. 

What if you could help customers reduce the cost of an IP intercom upgrade without compromising on system reliability?

You’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to gain new competitive advantages in the retrofit market with MegaChips’ HD-PLC solutions.

HD-PLC Explained: The Perfect Retrofit Solution

Video entry devices that embed rich interface endpoints and streaming services must connect to a robust IP infrastructure. One of the common options is deploying wireless access points via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches.

However, the cost of installing new Ethernet cabling is often higher than the cost of the new intercom equipment itself. In addition to replacing the old intercom in each unit, electrical construction work is required to re-cable the building. The added effort to install the cabling can push the project timeline out by several weeks, which can be disruptive for end-users. 

Fortunately, wired technology solutions available today can help you overcome all these challenges. Meet HD-PLC, the new standard for high-speed wireline communications. 

Originally developed for multimedia networks in residential applications, HD-PLC supports blazing-fast megabit data rates over existing wiring (power lines, coax, twisted-pair, etc.). Additionally, it has been enhanced with industrial-grade robustness mechanisms to ensure reliable operation in building security systems. HD-PLC gives security device makers and system integrators a powerful solution that breaks through both cost barriers and bandwidth bottlenecks.

Thanks to the convenience of mesh networking with support for any topology (bus, daisy chain, star, etc.), system integrators no longer need to spend days planning and configuring the building control network. Deployment is as easy as plugging in devices. The network will automatically calculate route cost and dynamically optimize traffic.

That’s why many leading manufacturers choose broadband powerline communication (HD-PLC) as the optimum solution for multi-tenant building retrofits. 

Analog-to-IP Migration Made Easy with HD-PLC

MegaChips HD-PLC SoC (System on Chip) products offer connection solutions for video intercom system integration and management, so that your customers can enjoy reliable IP-based security connectivity.

With HD-PLC-enabled intercom systems, you can bypass the need for new cabling or expensive Ethernet switches. Using the existing 2-wire cable in buildings, you can transmit data and upgrade to modern IP-based video intercoms. 

The speed of deployment is another advantage. Since HD-PLC supports any topology, installers are able to deploy it in the typical bus configuration found in most retrofit applications. The use of splitters for each branch also helps to avoid potential issues with frequency attenuation, enabling installers to easily meet the bandwidth requirements for multiple streaming videos over a 2-wire bus. 

To learn more, download our HD-PLC application guide. 


MegaChips’ HD-PLC SoC gives you a true plug-and-play solution that delivers broadband speeds. Your customers will enjoy faster, easier installation, rock-solid reliability, wider coverage, and increased security. 

Why Choose HD-PLC SoCs with Multi-hop?

Built with the smallest form factor, highest performance, and lowest power of any commercially available PLC solution, MegaChips’ line of BlueChip SoCs offers the world’s first fully compliant IEEE 1901 single-chip HD-PLC solutions with multi-hop. 

BlueChip SoCs deliver bidirectional, IP-based, high-speed communication over AC/DC power lines, coax, and twisted-pair wiring where wider bandwidths, robustness, long range, support for larger number of nodes, and network security are required. They include a 128-bit AES encryption engine for the highest security at every node, meeting today’s IP security network requirement.

HD-PLC’s multi-hop technology enables predictable network performance, supporting up to 10 hops and 1024 nodes. With multi-hop, every node acts as a repeater, enabling HD-PLC to deliver broadband speeds across buildings of all sizes, using any wiring available. It improves system performance and robustness by dynamically calculating the fastest route between nodes.

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