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High-Speed Communication for Modern HVAC Systems

Modern building automation devices, such as sensors and digital controllers, are converging into a single building automation system (BAS) network. This brings exciting new business opportunities for device manufacturers, particularly with commercial and industrial HVAC – the core components of smart buildings. Yet, modern HVAC systems also face challenges. To enable smart controllers for HVAC […]

Complete guide to smart home connectivity protocols

Without a common language, we will not be able to communicate with one another. Similarly, smart home devices rely on a standard communication protocol to exchange information and trigger actions. For instance, a thermostat can sense the room temperature and transmit that data to the air conditioner to regulate the cooling function. Network reliability, deployment […]

Cost-Effective Analog-to-IP Intercom Retrofit: Win New Customers with HD-PLC Solutions

Security access control is central to building management. More than ever, the rising demand for IP-based intercom systems is pushing building owners to upgrade legacy camera surveillance and broaden their security operations.  But retrofitting multi-dwelling buildings with IP-based video intercoms can be costly and time-consuming. System integrators need a communications technology that not only meets […]

Hybrid network strategy for smart homes: How WiFi and HD-PLC can be complementary

While the smart home market continues to grow steadily (household penetration of 21.4% by 2025), the market has yet to see mass adoption due to connectivity performance and cost barriers. As smart home deployment depends largely on the consumer’s home broadband performance, features beyond speed are critical to creating product differentiation.  Given its high bandwidth […]

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Advanced Broadband Powerline Technology for Smart Security Applications

Despite exponential growth in recent years, the smart home video security market is not without its challenges. As competition increases, manufacturers are looking for new ways to differentiate their products with high-quality media streaming, motion detection and other enhancements. One of the biggest opportunities for differentiation is by making video security solutions easier to deploy. […]