BACnet International Continues to Grow Membership with Addition of MegaChips

Semiconductor producer becomes latest Silver Member

Atlanta, GA – September 12, 2017—– The BACnet community is proud to announce that MegaChips has joined BACnet International as a Silver member. MegaChips PLC (Power Line Communication) products deliver bi-directional, IP based, high-speed communication over AC/DC power lines, COAX and twisted pair wiring where wider bandwidths, robustness, long-range, support for larger number of nodes, and highly secure network is required.

“We are proud to be part of the BACnet family, and to help advance the communications technology within the automation sectors,” said Michael Navid, vice president Marketing and Business Development of MegaChips. “Based on internationally accepted IEEE1901 standard, and our newly adopted BACnet stack, we allow our customers to develop products using existing network infrastructure/wiring, to meet today’s demanding information flow through the cloud without adding any new wiring, or having to transition to a new protocol, thus saving on the overall development, and installation costs.”

MegaChips joins more than 125 leading building automation suppliers as BACnet International members supporting promotion of BACnet as a global communications protocol.

“The major goal of BACnet International is to promote the successful use of the BACnet protocol in building automation”, stated Andy McMillan, president and managing director of BACnet International. “We welcome MegaChips to our continually growing membership. The company’s commitment to producing BACnet-enabled products and furthering the growth of the BACnet protocol makes them an exciting addition to this association.”

More information on BACnet International members can be found here. Companies interested in enjoying the benefits of BACnet International membership can get more information here.

About BACnet International
BACnet International is an industry association that facilitates the successful use of the BACnet protocol in building automation and control systems through interoperability testing, educational programs and promotional activities. BACnet International oversees operation of the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) and maintains a global listing of tested products. The BACnet standard was developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and has been made publicly available so that manufacturers can create interoperable systems of products. BACnet International complements the work of the ASHRAE standards committee and BACnet-related interest groups around the world. BACnet International members include building owners, consulting engineers and facility managers, as well as companies involved in the design, manufacture, installation, commission and maintenance of control equipment that uses BACnet for communication. For more information, please visit

About MegaChips Technology America Corporation (“MegaChips America”)
MegaChips Technology America in San Jose, California is a wholly owned subsidiary of MegaChips Corporation headquartered in Osaka, Japan ( MegaChips provides Integrated Circuits (ICs) and System on Chips (SoCs) that are essential for the advancement of Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs). Leveraging decades of technology excellence, partnerships and acquisitions, MegaChips is shaping the next wave of the digital revolution with innovations in the Internet of Things, Communications, Displays, Mobility, Timing, Sensor Fusion and Wearable devices.
For more information, contact the company at 408-570-0555, or visit MegaChips Home Page.

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