MegaChips Will Showcase World’s First HD-PLC SoC for LON at Light+Building 2018

New IEEE 1901-Compliant Solution Delivers Megabit Speeds over Long Distances for Smart City and Smart Building Networks

SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 5, 2018 — At Light+Building in Frankfurt, Germany (March 18-23, 2018), MegaChips Corporation will demonstrate its HD-PLC solution running Easylon for smart city and building applications in LonMark International’s booth (Hall 5.0, Stand D29). Easylon developed by Gesytec is fully compliant and interoperable with LonWorks. Adopted by LonMark as the new standard for high-speed wireline networks, HD-PLC brings megabit speeds—along with dramatic cost savings—to large, multi-node networks using any wire (AC/DC powerlines, twisted-pair, coax, phone lines, etc.).

HD-PLC addresses the growing bandwidth demands of modern control networks. Based on the IEEE 1901 and ITU-T G.9905 international standards, HD-PLC combines broadband communication with an innovative multi-hop technology to achieve megabit speeds over several kilometers of cabling. It supports up to 1024 nodes in any network configuration, giving system integrators all the benefits of a free topology that they enjoy with other LonWorks channels. Additionally, HD-PLC offers features such as mesh networking, dynamic traffic routing, and a network bridging functionality that make system integration easy.

The MegaChips BlueChip HD-PLC SoC (MLKHN1501) is the world’s first fully compliant HD-PLC SoC with multi-hop technology. It combines a state-of-the-art AFE with baseband, PHY, MAC layers and SDRAM into a compact package to deliver fast, bidirectional, IP-based communication over any wire. A full suite of development resources is available to enable system designers to quickly upgrade to HD-PLC.

“We’re very excited to combine the LonMark Protocol Standard with the HD-PLC media to provide a high-performance solution for control networking applications,” said Ron Bernstein, CEO and executive director of LonMark International. “Network designers, owners, and users will benefit from greater choices, performance, and design flexibility. Products tested and certified according to the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines, which will soon include the HD-PLC option, ensure the highest level of openness and interoperability.”

“One of the biggest challenges facing today’s projects is the cost of deployment,” explained Michael Navid, VP Marketing and Business Development at MegaChips. “Running new cabling or deploying wireless infrastructure is too expensive and may be limited by data rate and range. HD-PLC transforms the economics of deployment. System integrators finally have a technology that provides the bandwidth, robustness, flexibility and security demanded by today’s IoT applications.”

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