HD-PLC Communications System Enables Next Generation of Smart Meters in Taiwan

Tokyo, Japan, – October 12, 2018— MegaChips, a global semiconductor company specializing in ASICs and Application-Specific Standard Products (ASSPs), and HD-PLC Alliance today announced that Taiwan Power Company has adopted HD-PLC as a communications system for its next-generation smart meters.

After evaluating several wireless and powerline communications technologies, Taiwan Power Company selected HD-PLC for its ability to provide high-speed and robust communications over existing wireline infrastructure. Thanks to these capabilities, smart meters are able to collect more data, more frequently, and support advanced applications and security functionality. Taiwan Power Company plans to introduce smart meters to approximately 260,000 households in Taiwan from the beginning of December 2018.

Masahiro Konishi, General Manager of the Networking Infrastructure Division at MegaChips, said: “As a member of the HD-PLC Alliance, we are excited about the momentum HD-PLC is gaining in Taiwan and elsewhere. Smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities—as our world gets smarter, the demands for fast, robust communication with low install cost is rapidly increasing. In multiple independent evaluations, HD-PLC has proven its ability to meet these requirements. MegaChips is proud to be contributing to a smarter society with HD-PLC Alliance by providing innovative wired communication solutions for the Industrial IoT.”

HD-PLC technology is a wired communication technology compliant with the IEEE 1901 and ITU-T G.9905 international standards. It provides robust communication with megabit throughput over long distances of any type of cable, including power, coaxial and twisted-pair line. In 2016, MegaChips released the world’s first HD-PLC LSI for the Industrial IoT in its “BlueChip PLC Multi-hop” product line.

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